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6 Answers

Mini-split phantom load

I've been monitoring my electrical use with a TED monitor in my main panel. I've isolated a number of circuits to develop a sense of where my energy is being used. I recently confirmed a suspicion and would be curious about other peoples experiences and thoughts on it. It is in regard to my mini-split, and the energy it uses on standby.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Elden Lindamood | Jul 11 17
8 Answers

Detached garage attic is 30-40 degrees hotter

I have an insulated 28x30 detached garage main level with an uninsulated attic. on an 80+ degree day my garage stays comfortable in the mid 70's later in the day. The attic on the other hand is 115 degrees or more and is unbearable to do anything other than to retrieve something and get back down the ladder. I have read your opinions on residential home and attic spaces but was wondering if the was an effective way to lower the attic temperature. Obviously the ridge vents aren't enough. Am I just resigned to living with this and limit my work time to cooler months?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Bogey9651 | Jul 11 17
10 Answers

'Best' exterior wall insulation technique?

1. Definitely want to use insulation between the brick and sheathing. Are the products that are attached to the sheathing in one sheet better at insulating and/or cheaper than the foam boards (or something similar) and regular sheathing?

2. If you use closed cell foam (CCF) on the inside, do you still need the wrap on the outside?

3. If you only use enough CCF for air and moisture barrier, can you apply open cell on top of the closed cell? Is there a particular CCF that is more eco-friendly regarding greenhouse gas emissions.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Porcelain tendons | Jul 10 17
7 Answers

Can I add a rigid insulation panel (4x8) directly inside the wall of my home?

I'm renting a home with no insulation and heat is absorbed and remains on the walls all night. I'm wondering if covering the walls with rigid insulation panels from the inside would help the heat from not coming in as much. I can't do modifications to the home since I am renting but I can just tape the 4x8 sheets of insulation to the walls and remove them once I don't rent anymore. Thanks!

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Dhollyday | Jul 10 17
2 Answers

What is the best lumber to use that is anti-mold and low-VOC?

I am building a house and would like to use all low or no voc products from lumber to insulation to interior. I am also wanting to have as much anti-mold products as possible. What suggestions for the lumber, foundation and sealing, and insulation?

In Green products and materials | Asked By PenOC | Jul 11 17
3 Answers

Hardie lap siding vs. Boral siding

We are building a house in NH. Hardie is less expensive material, but more expensive labor. What about durability? Hardie has had a bad reputation. Have they improved their product? We can't find how long Boral has been available. Any word on problems with Boral?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Frank Torti | Jul 10 17
14 Answers

Closed-cell foam vs. open-cell foam


In General questions | Asked By David Bach | Jul 6 17
0 Answers

Composite Kitchen Sinks - Granite/Quartz

Has anyone had any experience with the composite granite kitchen sinks?

I am torn between 2 brands; Kraus (made in India) or Elkay Schock (Made in Germany). The Elkay model is mostly quartz based while the Kraus is mainly granite based. The first Kraus sink was cracked in the corners and I had to return it. So that left me uneasy. The next sink was OK with no cracks.They are both priced the same.

Any input or experience with these sinks?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Peter L | Jul 10 17
4 Answers

Attic spray foam for 18-year old home in Texas

I'm purchasing a 3500 sq ft home in hot and humid east Texas. HVAC (two units), two hot water heaters (electric) and a propane line are in the attic space. Would closed cell foam on the underside of the roof decking + sealing the current ventilation pathways significantly reduce my utility costs. This is a rural property and my utility providers choices are limited and my Kw/hr costs are high. I'd also have to extend the bathroom vents through the roof since they now vent into the attic.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By TXRanger | Jul 10 17
11 Answers

Open-cell spray foam on roof deck?

I could really use some advice on open cell vs. closed cell (or some other option). I have a 100+ year old home in northern NJ (zone 5 border, close to zone 4) with multiple roofs, hips, valleys, etc. Part of the roof has ridge / soffit venting, a lot doesn't. House is already updated with a new roof (wish I would've thought about adding 4" above before we had it done). Existing insulation ranges from ok to awful (a few inches of fiberglass - maybe r 15) to god awful (r-15 with reflective backing directly against roof, no ventilation, some missing/falling down). Nothing is air sealed.

In General questions | Asked By Wolverine72 | Jul 5 17
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