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1 Answer

PERSIST / REMOTE door installation quandry

OK, I have decided to build a PERSIST house with a frost protected insulated slab. Now there is a good manual on REMOTE ( A very similar type of housing), but I am stuck on how to install the door, with a bridge over the the exterior insulation..Because the door is an Innie, it will sit in line with the framing on the slab perimeter, but I have to bridge that exterior insulation somehow..
Do I inset a thick PT plywood bridge in a void in the slab to keep the door at the same height as the slab floor? This would result in a very difficult air/water/vapour detail.

Steve Young

In Green building techniques | Asked By Steve Young | Sep 25 15
0 Answers

More Roxul woes

I wanted to follow on to this thread about finding sources for
the more esoteric Roxul products. I would have added to the comment
chain over there, but doing that never seems to make the thread
actually become visible again in the "QA" section. It also relates

In Green products and materials | Asked By Hobbit _ | Sep 25 15
0 Answers

European IGU seal questions

My Passive House Consultant has asked me to choose some windows so that she can plug them into the PHPP.
According to the PHIUS listing of certified products there are no qualifying operable windows for the South side of my house to be in Central Ohio (5A)
But I must persevere.
Having just returned from the PHIUS conference in Chicago, I saw lots of windows, including many European, North American and a hybrid manufacturer.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Steve Young | Sep 25 15
23 Answers

Raised Heel / Energy Truss

My builder is about to order trusses. He is not familiar with raised heel / energy trusses. The bottom chords are 12in. How do I have him describe what I'm looking for to the middleman lumber yard guy, placing the order with boise??

I want to make sure they don't mess this up. They are both "old school"! Which is mostly a good thing:)

In General questions | Asked By stephen edge | Jan 7 11
7 Answers

Spray foam insulation post-install chemical smell (not rotten fish)

I've read many articles on this subject, but I wanted to ask a more specific question as my case doesn't seem to match the other's horror stories with poorly-installed Spray Foam Insulation.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Scott Roberson | Sep 10 15
3 Answers

REMOTE wall — single vs. double EPS layer

I am in the planning phase of a REMOTE wall house with construction beginning in June 2016. I have been talking with a foam supplier who is pushing me toward a single ~5" layer of foam instead of the two layers of 2 inch I had been planning. There are a number of advantages to the single thick layer approach - reduced labor and a significant financial savings are two of the most appealing benefits. However, I am concerned that having seams in the foam that run straight through to the housewrap will cost me efficiency vs having a double layer of thinner foam with staggered seams.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jim Tyler | Sep 24 15
8 Answers

How safe is a polystyrene Styrofoam board for me to use practically?

I bought an insulation board from a local hardware department superstore, and I have concerns of it blocking my vent. I do have a couple of magnetic vent covers over my vent. However I'm concerned about a few factors. My room get's very HOT easily. I especially learned this when the sun rises every morning it shines against my room and burns it up into an abysmal inferno. It's the middle of the dead winter and I'm waking up finding myself soaked in my own sweat. (Gross!) The board has a R of 75 Degrees (F), and like any other Polystyrene material it is combustible and very easily ignitable.

In General questions | Asked By Mark Granberry II | Mar 28 15
5 Answers

Monitoring energy use of a mini-split unit?

Can I install a kwh meter like this $14 one from China on ebay to measure how much power my new mini-split unit uses? The description says that it works up to 260VAC, up to 100 amps and measures both instantaneous usage (volts, amps, watts) and kw-hours. If it is this simple why doesn't everyone do it?




In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By David Martin | Sep 21 15
5 Answers

More questions about insulating a flat roof in Chicago

[Editor's note: This question appears to be a continuation of an earlier thread. Here is a link to that thread: Insulating a flat roof in Chicago.]

In Green building techniques | Asked By Andrew Rothstein | Sep 18 15
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