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1 Answer

Is SoundSolution underlayment OK to use under hardwood flooring?

The hardwood floor is going on the second story floor of a wood frame brick exterior home built in 1883.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Mary Schwaba | Aug 19 15
1 Answer

Struggling with how to use foam on walkout over Canadian shield zone 7

I'm building a walkout basement (1000 sq ft) in zone 7 (NW Ontario Canada) and have purchased 1000 sq ft EPS at 5 inches and 1000 sq ft at 1 1/2" XPS (I was told its much better to use above the XPS since its much more rigid when walking on during the pour)..
I am struggling on how to best use the foam on the walkout side (I got a great deal so I have lots of EPS and XPS)..

In Green building techniques | Asked By tim brown | Aug 18 15
1 Answer

Conditioned crawlspace — rim joist insulation

Yes, another conditioned crawlspace question, I think this is number 3 for me. Our building permit is finally approved and construction is starting. I've talked to two different insulation contractors who do conditioned crawlspaces in my area (Coastal Virginia, zone 4). Both of them use closed cell spray foam on the foundation wall, and both leave a termite inspection gap at the top. One of them uses the spray foam on the rim joist, while the other uses fiberglass batts.

In General questions | Asked By Michael Geoghegan | Aug 18 15
5 Answers

Is a rubber/foam product a good choice for flooring underlayment?

Hi, Is a recycled granulated rubber tire and high density frothed polyurethane foam product on the market the best underlayment for a 2nd story 1883 farmhouse condo with plywood on top of sub floor where I am installing solid oak hardwood (2 1/4" strips)?
I like it because it has much published technical data that I can show my neighbor in the condo below where we are both interested in sound silencing. I thank you kindly for your expert advice.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Mary Schwaba | Jun 26 15
8 Answers

Interior French drain — wall detail

We're installing an interior french drain to address water issues. The grading slopes away from the house and all down spouts are routed 10+ feet away from the house. We have elevated radon and the french drain will be integrated into the existing sub-slab depressurization system. The walls are currently uninsulated, but I plan to insulate the walls with rigid foam in the coming months. The floor will be insulated when the basement is finished in a few years.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jeffrey S | Aug 17 15
0 Answers

General information on 2"x6" decking

We are in the beginning stages of starting construction on a new home. We have a great room planned with a cathedral ceiling. In the interior there will be exposed heavy timber construction. Above that we would like to see exposed 2"x6" v-matched decking.

In General questions | Asked By william dempsey | Aug 18 15
4 Answers

Does rigid foam sheathing squeak?

I had a Styrofoam cooler in my car this weekend. If it got next to anything else, it made an extremely annoying squeaky noise with every little bump. Does foam sheathing make noise when the house shifts a little from winds or other loads?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Reid Baldwin | Aug 18 15
4 Answers

Will this keep moisture off my fiberglass batts?

Will this 1" XPS board keep moisture off my fiberglass batts in the stud bays in my basement?

In General questions | Asked By Neil Cicciu | Aug 18 15
3 Answers

Closed-cell spray foam application in an unvented detached garage

I have two questions concerning insulating my unvented detached garage. The first applies to the walls. The second to the cathedral ceiling.

Background: I am located in the Midwest at zone 6. I am converting a 420 sq. ft. detached garage into a workshop. I will be installing a GE Zone-line AZ61H15DAB heat pump. The space is unvented and will maintain the cathedral ceiling with no attic space. I hope to keep it conditioned year round as long as the monthly electrical bill isn't astronomical. The floor is concrete. Finished surfaces will be drywall. LED shop lights will complete the space.

In General questions | Asked By Ell Aire | Aug 17 15
5 Answers

Thick masonry walls

I have a friend who owns a 600 yr. old stone house in northern Germany.

In the 70's, interior 2 x 4 walls were added with open cell white foam board 1" thick, no vapour barrier and 1/2 drywall.

They are experiencing mould issues at lower portions of interior walls.

Their intention is to open up the walls and seek advice on possible solutions. One thought is to install dense pack cellulose insulation in 2x4 cavities.

My concern with that is temp change in winter could affect integrity of mortar(stone wall) at some point in its cross section.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Geoff Bamford | Aug 13 15
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