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6 Answers

Heated Post Frame Shop

Hi all,

In Plans Review | Asked By Adam Emter | Jun 10 17
5 Answers

Attics with complicated rooflines: Bringing the attic into the home's thermal envelope?

Based on Martin's advice, am starting to investigate possibly bringing my attic within the home's thermal envelope. My question is - what's the best approach for attic areas with merging rooflines?

I have an area where a typical Cape Cod triangular knee wall (yellow area in the attached diagram) meets a cross gable roof (blue). There's also a connecting porch overhang (orange). What is the typical approach for establishing a thermal/air boundary at attic areas with two or more merging roof lines?

In General questions | Asked By Hankla.lzo | Jun 12 17
3 Answers

Looking for "pretty good" doors

I am planning a "pretty good" house for Virginia. It will have R-25 or better walls with, good air tightness and Marvin Integrity casement windows.

Can anyone suggest "pretty good" doors to go in this house? I have one entry door, two 6'0 X 6'8 hinged patio doors, and one 6'0 X 6'8 slider (ugh!) . Marvin's patio doors look OK, but their slider has a single point latch. And the entry door is a big question mark.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Mark Harrison | Jun 11 17
3 Answers

Foamglas Perinsul alternative in Europe

I'm trying to find a product which I would use to try and break the cold bridge between slab and wall.
I am attaching a mockup on how it would be done.

We are not building to passivhaus standard. If we were, I would opt for raft insulation, but it's far too expensive. Also,our PM says it's not important to deal with this cold bridge.

But i'd still like to see for myself what would it cost. Problem is, I have no idea under what market name are these kinds of products sold her in Europe. I have only come across this material here on gba.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By davor radman | Jun 10 17
4 Answers

Encapsulation and Radon Mitigation

I am renovating a home in WNC which needs to be encapsulate for mold and mildew abatement. It also has been tested positively for Radon. Does a proper encapsulation take care of the radon issues? If not, can you prescribe the proper steps to take?

In General questions | Asked By StelloDesignSolution | Jun 10 17
2 Answers

Advice insulating a short wall with a large fireplace

My house was built in 1951 with a very large fireplace along the short wall of the great room. The firebox is 43" wide by 24" deep, but the masonry on the sides is 78" wide and 52" high. The total length of the wall is 15.5 feet, and 8 feet high.

When the house was built, this wall was covered with tongue and grove paneling, which I recently removed. There was no insulation behind it of any kind, and when I had cellulose blown into the other uninsulated walls, the company said they should/would not blow it behind this paneled wall, which made sense to me.

In General questions | Asked By dave williams | Jun 11 17
2 Answers

Book signing event in Lyndonville, Vermont

This weekend, I'll be signing copies of my book and answering questions at a bookstore event in northern Vermont.

GBA readers who live near Lyndonville, Vermont -- including residents of St. Johnsbury and Littleton, NH -- are invited to Green Mountain Books (1055 Broad St, Lyndonville, Vermont) between the hours of 10:00 am and noon on Saturday June 10.

Of course, copies of my book, Musings of an Energy Nerd, will be available for purchase.

In General questions | Asked By Martin Holladay | Jun 9 17
20 Answers

Electric tankless hot water

My name is John, and I'm an instructor at Madison Area Tech College in Madison Wi, in the Construction and Remodeling Program. We train or students in a 1 year diploma program how to be wood frame carpenters. We build super high efficient tiny homes with the students, that we sell. We incorporate lots of things talked about on this site. One thing we are trying to figure out: How to efficiently heat water without taking up too much space.

In Mechanicals | Asked By John Stephany | Feb 7 17
5 Answers

Stringers on interior ceilings

I been reading and looking at pictures of green building techniques and noticing stringers used on interior ceilings a lot. Is there some reason for this other then to just hang sheetrock. Also if it's just for a hanging strip for sheetrock is it to provide 16" centers?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Ralph Foll | Jun 8 17
8 Answers

Has anyone ever heard of homeowner insurance canceling your policy due to bees under your siding?

We bought our house 2 years ago in Louisiana and last year, a swarm of honeybees from a neighboring beekeeper choose our home and made colonies. We've had 2 professionals come look and they say it's likely we have at least 3 colonies based on the size of activity and 3 different entry points. So the suggestion was made to contact our insurance company to see if we could get help removing bees and honey and repairing siding that would need to be removed,which is practically the entire back and side of our home.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Vinysgirl | Jun 9 17
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