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  • Steve Young | May 25,2017 06:15 AM EDT
    Thank you. I guess I will speak with my future neighbours and a few well drilling contractors in that area to see what they recommend. I have to admit, I like the idea of a small water tank. The ...
  • Martin Holladay | May 25,2017 04:09 AM EDT
    Steve, As far as I know, drilled wells all require the same three components for water delivery: a submersible pump, a pressure switch, and a pressure tank. I don't think that there is a ...
  • davor radman | May 25,2017 02:45 AM EDT
    Thanks Walter I do already have a similar free program of such kind that's used here, but I have a feeling this one might be better :) I will certainly give it a go over the weekend. As a ...
  • Anon3 | May 25,2017 12:24 AM EDT
    It really depends on how deep and what GPM you can get/want. But really the only thing that makes a difference in residential usage is the size of the pressure tank, or if you can go gravity that ...
  • Joe Duchek | May 25,2017 12:23 AM EDT
    Thanks Martin. I'll report back regarding results. Yes, I am definitely dense packing 2x10 joist bays. Thanks for highlighting. Regards, Joe
  • Walter Ahlgrim | May 24,2017 10:33 PM EDT
    You should down load a free program called BEopt from the US government. It will calculate the energy related costs based your mortgage rate, local weather, ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | May 24,2017 10:17 PM EDT
    Walter, That's how we fasten all our sheathing now. The boxes of nails just disappear.
  • Walter Ahlgrim | May 24,2017 10:06 PM EDT
    If your part Delaware is in a hurricane zone please be sure to do your home work and be sure you have enough structure to resist any wind that could come your way. As I recall the non ...
  • Dana Dorsett | May 24,2017 06:12 PM EDT
    Anon3 : The Trane/American Standard mini-splits look EXACTLY like a Gree Crown in every external detail, and not much like a Midea. What is it that makes you think they are "most likely" made by ...
  • Anon3 | May 24,2017 06:02 PM EDT
    They are all made by Chinese companies (Midea or GREE), there are a couple 40 SEER 9kbtu units coming out 2H this year. Also checkout GREE 2017 catalog, the spec is out already. They probably ...
  • Derek Roff | May 24,2017 05:01 PM EDT
    I appreciate the links that you provided, Martin, and the additional discussion and link from Dana. (Edited to avoid two separate "thank you" posts.)
  • Dana Dorsett | May 24,2017 04:29 PM EDT
    It was ~85F out on the hill @ 7PM when those clips were taken with a hand held still camera operated in video mode (which only enhances the arm waving excitement! :-) )
  • Dana Dorsett | May 24,2017 04:09 PM EDT
    That reactor ran for about 40 years, a sufficiently long lifecycle to "pay off" the greenhouse gas emissions of baking all that limestone to make the concrete, among other material costs. The ...
  • John Sean | May 24,2017 04:08 PM EDT
    Even if you go to 36 inches
  • Martin Holladay | May 24,2017 03:42 PM EDT
    Marc, I haven't heard of the method described in your latest post, but I have no reason to think it wouldn't work.
  • Martin Holladay | May 24,2017 03:40 PM EDT
    Josh, The usual definition of a low-slope roof is a roof with a shallower pitch than 4-in-12. Some sources say 3-in-12. So you probably don't have a low-slope roof, and you can probably move ...
  • user-6793320 | May 24,2017 03:31 PM EDT
    Martin, Thank you for your quick reply. My spray-foam contractor recommended 2 layers of 2" closed cell applied against the sheetrock, waiting for those to cure, then applying a 3rd layer of ...
  • Martin Holladay | May 24,2017 03:26 PM EDT
    It's great to capture these exciting sports moments with a head-mounted camera. My heart was in my throat as I watched your daredevil descent.
  • Josh Dudeck | May 24,2017 03:25 PM EDT
    Martin: Ask my wife... she'll regale you for hours on my lack of brevity. Roof Slope = somewhere between 4/12 and 5/12. I'll climb up and get an exact figure if it is helpful. Thank you.
  • Dana Dorsett | May 24,2017 03:16 PM EDT
    "Since 2010, however, they sure have had a lot of mild winters in Aspen. That's great for heating bills, not so great for skiing." Skiing conditions aren't about HDD- it's all about the ...
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