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  • Martin Holladay | Feb 21,2018 06:35 AM EST
    Mike, Nice looking job! Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • Mike McLaine | Feb 21,2018 06:26 AM EST
    Update: At the time of the initial application it was well below freezing so it was difficult to adequately clean the foundation. This resulted in dirt pockets left over from the excavation ...
  • | Feb 21,2018 06:15 AM EST
    What did you end up using and how did it work out?
  • Martin Holladay | Feb 21,2018 05:32 AM EST
    Bryce, I'm not sure what your point is, except to send us to an article with an anecdote about a homeowner who bought an (unidentified) brand of LEDs with a high failure rate. I would echo ...
  • Mike McLaine | Feb 21,2018 05:25 AM EST
    Dana, my mind is blown by your method and the result for my house. I had no idea, although in retrospect my wife has always said that the *boiler* sounds like a jet engine when it lights off and I ...
  • Martin Holladay | Feb 21,2018 05:25 AM EST
    Ethan, European tilt/turn windows are an acquired taste. If you grew up in Germany, you're used to them. If you're a typical American who likes ordinary curtains, and who likes to put ...
  • | Feb 21,2018 05:13 AM EST
    Original poster here, thanks for the feedback. Am curious on those with new builds, our contractor mentioned the importance of using a local vendor who supports the windows as they need ...
  • Ethan T ; Climate Zone 5A ; ~6000HDD | Feb 20,2018 11:51 PM EST
    I built a model of the Inline Tilt Turn (301) and tried it at 10 degrees and 15 degrees open. I don't actually know the angle of the tilt configuration. I'm still worried that it doesn't seem very ...
  • Roger Berry | Feb 20,2018 11:48 PM EST
    To Ethan, I went through much the same series of thoughts three years ago while deciding on windows. I am sure you will have plenty of air no matter which window you ultimately choose. Our ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Feb 20,2018 11:39 PM EST
    I can't see any links between your complaints about LED quality and fire risk. Have you seen reports of house fires caused by LED bulbs?
  • Jon R | Feb 20,2018 11:20 PM EST
    It was a generic comment, not limited to any service area. Utility or aggregator remote control is fine - if they provide lots of flexibility to specify constraints. For example, normally ...
  • Bryce Nesbitt | Feb 20,2018 11:10 PM EST
    See also the comments at The EPA, without a quality control program, is perpetuating e-Waste and overestimating the life cycle ...
  • T Carlson | Feb 20,2018 11:01 PM EST
    Michael, I didnt cite any sections, only told the guy how to find his state code, maybe read more carefully. WI UDC applies to structures built after June 1, 1980. Built before and you are ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | Feb 20,2018 10:12 PM EST
    I stand corrected
  • Malcolm Taylor | Feb 20,2018 10:11 PM EST
    double post
  • Malcolm Taylor | Feb 20,2018 10:09 PM EST
    Michael, I'm confused. Low-profile boxes are 5/8" deep. Are these just regular boxes that have been mounted too far out from the siding? If so, why not just get new boxes? Typical low ...
  • Chris Stratton | Feb 20,2018 10:04 PM EST
    Thanks, Nick. How embarrassing. Don't know why the rep didn't mention this. Guess I was looking at the operation manual, not the installation one. [face palm] #usererror
  • | Feb 20,2018 10:01 PM EST
    If I cannot find one deep enough I think I will just cut-out a rectangle of 1x8 piece of cedar and cut out a circle so it can be placed over and the light fixture will have something to be flush ...
  • | Feb 20,2018 09:47 PM EST
    Thanks Malcolm. Do they make these mounting blocks deeper? I would need to to be at least 1" deep to cover tha pancake box and be tight against the siding.
  • | Feb 20,2018 09:47 PM EST
    Thanks Malcolm. Do they make these mounting blocks deeper? I would need to to be at least 1" deep to cover tha pancake box and be tight against the siding.
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