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  • Martin Holladay | May 20,2018 06:09 AM EDT
    Brad, It sounds like you have a big project with a big budget. The decisions you are about to make shouldn't be made by a homeowner working in isolation. Call Paul Eldrenkamp at
  • Martin Holladay | May 20,2018 06:03 AM EDT
    E247, Can you tell us your name? For more information on choosing a type of rigid foam, see this article: Choosing Rigid Foam. In general, green builders avoid the ...
  • Martin Holladay | May 20,2018 05:53 AM EDT
    L.T., The answers so far make sense. It's technically possible, of course, to locate the compressor far from the refrigerator, as is done at most supermarkets. It's also possible to develop a ...
  • Andy Kosick | May 19,2018 10:09 PM EDT
    I realize that their goal is to sell CERVs, but since there are a lot of HRV/ERVs out there that aren't going anywhere anytime soon, the company should package their sensor technology (WIFI and ...
  • Jan Juran | May 19,2018 07:07 PM EDT
    L.T., there are many choices of new refrigerators 18 to 21 CF size which use less than 400 KwHr per annum (measured using the Energy Star protocol) or around $50 of electricity p.a. at typical FPL ...
  • Calum Wilde | May 19,2018 06:47 PM EDT
    James, Martin wrote a bit about his fridge a while ago. IIRC it's several decades old, tiny, and the compressor is on top, I don't remember much else. It was actually a pretty fascinating story ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | May 19,2018 06:27 PM EDT
    More than a decade ago FHB ran an article on someone who made built-in custom refrigerators with the condenser and coils located in a service room behind. I was intrigued enough to talk to the ...
  • Malcolm Taylor | May 19,2018 05:54 PM EDT
    Thanks for the replies. I'd be interested in some thoughts on the non-Zendher systems which use conventional ducting that constitute the vast majority of installations.
  • JAMES KREYLING | May 19,2018 05:45 PM EDT
    Maybe Martin uses a Sunfrost on his off-grid home? Or propane? Martin?
  • JAMES KREYLING | May 19,2018 05:41 PM EDT
    I just finished a new home in Massachusetts that is all (Uponor) PEX A for domestic water and (NFPA13D) fire sprinkler system. I had read about PEX A taste concerns before building, but have not ...
  • stephen sheehy | May 19,2018 05:17 PM EDT
    For one thing, you'd probably void the fridge warranty.
  • JAMES KREYLING | May 19,2018 05:17 PM EDT
    There are systems out there to create a separate condenser, evaporator, particularly for the marine industry. But the complexity and cost can hardly be justified for a home refrigerator. Just ...
  • JAMES KREYLING | May 19,2018 05:06 PM EDT
    Just a clarification for you, Malcolm, in the Zehnder system the supply and return 3" poly or fabric ducts are connected to supply and return acoustical manifolds that effectively attenuate the ...
  • | May 19,2018 01:48 PM EDT
    Is there an issue with using the Tyvek over the foil faced foam? I'm trying to decide if I should use XPS or the Polyiso in my application. I'm in Climate Zone 2 (near Houston, TX) and so I was ...
  • stephen sheehy | May 19,2018 01:01 PM EDT
    Dustin-here's a photo of the framing looking toward the kitchen from the living area. The ceiling was drywalled before any partitions were installed. The framed stud wall is about 4 feet high, ...
  • stephen sheehy | May 19,2018 12:44 PM EDT
    Malcolm: I don't, but all of the ducts are in a utility chase that extends the entire width of the building. None of them run in any room walls or ceilings.
  • Martin Holladay | May 19,2018 12:24 PM EDT
    Lydia, Steve is right. Instead of posting the same question two days later, just go back to the original post.
  • Martin Holladay | May 19,2018 12:22 PM EDT
    E247, No. To get the added value from the air space, the foil has to face the air space, without any covering that changes its emissivity. If you cover the foil facing, you lose the added R-value.
  • Malcolm Taylor | May 19,2018 10:58 AM EDT
    Stephen, i'm more concerned with the ducts creating a flanking path between rooms for household sounds to carry. I take it you don't see that in your place?
  • Steve Knapp CZ 3A Georgia | May 19,2018 09:34 AM EDT
    This is a duplicate post. To add a comment, go to
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