Provide Drainage Between the Deck and the House

When considering a deck that’s adjacent to the house, there are two ways to make the transition: attached or not.

The traditional method of attaching a deck to the house with a ledger creates a built-in shelf for collecting water. Solutions to this long-standing problem include placing a spacer between the house and ledger, or building a freestanding deck. In this approach, the joist system bears on freestanding posts set in concrete.

With attention to flashing, however, a modified version of the traditional method also can work. The ledger, which is held off of the house with a spacer, creates an air space for water to drain and evaporate. But, because of the spacer, the fasteners may require engineering because of the shear force. Building a deck means a significant investment in materials. Consider a patio as an another option for an outdoor living space.

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