Weatherstrip doors and windows

Lots of small leaks add up.
Individually, minor air leaks around windows and doors don't amount to much, but collectively they have a disproportionate effect on indoor comfort. A blower-door testTest used to determine a home’s airtightness: a powerful fan is mounted in an exterior door opening and used to pressurize or depressurize the house. By measuring the force needed to maintain a certain pressure difference, a measure of the home’s airtightness can be determined. Operating the blower door also exaggerates air leakage and permits a weatherization contractor to find and seal those leakage areas. and smoke sticks can help detect air leaks, but so can the back of a hand held near windows and doors. Weatherstripping comes in a variety of types and cost ranges. Some are very simple to install.

Green points

LEED for HomesLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED for Homes is the residential green building program from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). While this program is primarily designed for and applicable to new home projects, major gut rehabs can qualify. : Energy & Atmosphere 3 - Reduced envelope leakage is mandatory; up to 3 pts. for minimal leakage, which varies by climate.
NGBSNational Green Building Standard Based on the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines and passed through ANSI. This standard can be applied to both new homes, remodeling projects, and additions. /ICC-700: Sealing or weather stripping windows or doors is mandatory (701.4.3.3); 1 pt. for weather stripping existing windows and doors.

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