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7 Steps to an Energy-Efficient House: 6. Appliances

Buy Energy Star (or better) fixtures, appliances, and lighting

Efficient refrigerators save electricity. Some of the most efficient refrigerators available in the U.S. are manufactured by Sunfrost in Arcata, Calif.
Image Credit: Sunfrost

Editor’s introduction: With energy prices rising again, many homeowners are planning energy-efficiency improvements to their homes. But most people are unsure of where to begin, and even seasoned builders don’t always know which priorities should rise to the top of the list. Betsy Pettit, an architect at Building Science Corporation
, recommends starting where you can get the most bang for the buck.

Step 6: Buy Energy Star (or better) fixtures, appliances, and lighting

Once you have reduced your space-conditioning and water-heating loads, the lighting, appliance, and plug load will be your next big energy item. A new Energy Star refrigerator will use 15% less energy than a standard model. Replacing old light fixtures with pin-based compact-fluorescent fixtures ensures your electric

bill will stay low.

This article is adapted from Betsy Pettit’s Remodeling for Energy Efficiency
in Fine Homebuilding


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