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A Passivhaus-Certified Skylight Hits the U.S.

Triple-glazed Lamilux skylights get a Class A certification from the Passivhaus Institut in Germany

This is what a Passivhaus-certified skylight looks like. The Lamilux FE Energysave has argon-filled triple glazing, and an aluminum frame insulated with EPS. It will soon be stocked by a U.S. retailer, sharply reducing delivery times for builders here.
Image Credit: 475 High Performance Building Supply

A Brooklyn-based retailer of high-performance building components says it will begin stocking a skylight certified by Germany’s Passivhaus Institut, a move that eventually will shorten the lead time for delivery to U.S. builders to a week or less.

The company, 475 High Performance Building Supply, said its first order of the Lamilux FE Energysave skylights is on the way from its German manufacturer. Once they’re in the company’s warehouse, the lead time will drop from 10 to 12 weeks to one week or less, said 475’s John Druelinger.

Lamilux makes several versions of its skylights. The Energysave is one of several models that 475 will stock but the only one that has won Passivhaus certification. The others are deemed “suitable” but are not certified, Druelinger said.

The Energysave has argon-filled triple glazing and an aluminum frame insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. Check your bank balance before ordering one of these skylights, which are available in sizes from 24-in. square to 71-in. square at prices starting at $2,250.

As far as 475 knows, there are no other U.S. retailers that stock Passivhaus-certified skylights.

The skylight has an installed U-value of 0.148 (the glass U-value is 0.105) and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient options of 0.49 and 0.32, the retailer says.


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