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Allison Bailes to Teach an Interactive Online Class

This October, Allison Bailes will begin teaching a ten-week online course called ‘Mastering Building Science’

Allison Bailes, a regular blogger on Green Building Advisor, is a former physics teacher and the owner of Energy Vanguard in Decatur, Georgia.
Image Credit: Martin Holladay

Dr. Allison Bailes is a rarity: a physicist with a sense of humor. He’s also a regular blogger on GBA.

If you’ve enjoyed Allison’s blogs over the years, and aren’t intimidated by the prospect of homework and studying, you may be ready to take an online course from Dr. Bailes.

The upcoming ten-week course is titled “Mastering Building Science.” Marketing materials note that the course is not intended for novices: “Maybe you’ve taken a HERS rater or BPI class. Perhaps you’re an HVAC designer or installer, architect, or engineer who sees a benefit in becoming a master in building science. … This class is for the person who has a handle on the fundamental principles of building science already. You know, for example, how heat flows, the meaning of ACH50, and how much mechanical ventilation air is required by ASHRAE 62.2. What you want now are more specifics, more details, and more depth.”

Students who sign up for the course are promised “lots of personal interaction with Dr. Bailes and your classmates.”

Presented in collaboration with Heatspring, an online education portal, the course is scheduled for October 6 to December 12, 2014. The cost is $1,295. Early-bird discounts reduce the tuition to $995 for those who enroll before August 31.

More information is available on the Heatspring website: Mastering Building Science.


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