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Green Communities

Announcing the Green Home Advantage Program

A creative partnership is supporting a local Neighborhood Stabilization Program in green building practices

Image Credit: Green Communities

In Atlanta, Enterprise and The Home Depot Foundation have joined forces to create the Green Home Advantage program. The program ensures that all properties acquired through the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) in Atlanta meet a set of baseline green requirements developed by Enterprise and the City of Atlanta.

The program also offers technical assistance, trainings, and the opportunity for green certification.

“These best practices lower utility costs, conserve water and other resources. They also replace dilapidated, vacant structures with healthy, affordable homes and neighborhoods. The result will significantly improve the outlook for communities.”

— John O’Callaghan, President & CEO

Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership

To read more about this unique program supporting the City of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program, as well as the specific construction techniques used, please visit:


  1. 5C8rvfuWev | | #1

    Thanks, Amy
    I was just reading that over one million homes were repossessed in 2010 and that 2011 will be the peak year for foreclosures.

    Beyond that bad news, the good news seems to be only in a few regional incentives I've heard rumored, like this one in Atlanta. Combining federal $$ with regional initiatives seems like a productive way to make something of the crisis, even if it isn't a solution. Half a step is better than ... etc.

    I'm frustrated that, though I live just outside of the metro Atlanta area and am a news junkie, I have to come here to read about the program ... and to find out about people like Carl Seville and Allison Bailes and the other "regional" opportunities we have in the SE. It's easy enough to cast blame, but I'm glad to have GBA as, like I said, half a step is better than .... etc.


  2. Amy Hook | | #2

    re: Thanks, Amy
    Hi Joe -

    You read my mind, Joe! I am so happy to have GBA as a resource - so many great options for knowledge building here.

    Creative partnerships like the one in Atlanta have proven time and again to be a great means of accomplishing a common goal in difficult times.

    And, I agree with you...sometimes good news is hard to find. I am happy we were able to provide you with some today!

    My Best,

  3. Josh Owens | | #3

    ATL Work
    The Green Home Advantage Program looks like it will be a boon to the City of Atlanta, recycling under used housing stock

  4. Amy Hook | | #4

    re: ATL Work by Josh Owens
    Thank you, Josh. Enterprise Green Communities and the Atlanta Enterprise Office were really excited to have the opportunity to help the City of Atlanta green their Neighborhood Stabilization Program. Creating up to 400 greener, healthier homes makes us all proud - viewing the current real estate downturn as an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

  5. 2tePuaao2B | | #5

    Role of the Home Depot
    So then, has the Home Depot donated building materials, or are they offering discounts, or training in exchange for marketing opportunities that exist within the green market?
    What is the role of Home Depot in the advantage?

  6. Amy Hook | | #6

    Re: Role of the Home Depot by Roy Harmon
    Hi Roy!

    Great questions. Home Depot actually has a non-profit foundation that supports incorporating green building science into local affordable housing, as well as a really cool program for planting trees. So, the stores aren't actually involved in the program.

    You can learn more about the Home Depot Foundation here... Home Depot Foundation.


  7. 2tePuaao2B | | #7

    Role of Home Depot
    Thanks Amy,
    My brother manages a Home Depot in Chicago. I'll learn about this and maybe get one up on him...
    It's a brotherly love thing... good to know.

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