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Sustainable Build

Episode 2: Waterproofing an ICCF Foundation

A method for managing bulk water at the footing and foundation wall

GBA is following a build in Upstate New York with Ben Bogie of BPC Green Builders. This is the second episode in an 11-part video series covering all aspects of the project’s construction—from foundation to stucco finish. Here, Ben explains how foundation waterproofing is handled with a liquid-applied coating at the top of the footing for a capillary break between the foundation and wall; it is also applied on the exterior of the ICCF block system. In combination with exterior mineral wool board, which provides a few different benefits, the method ensures a dry crawlspace.

Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor.


  1. CarbonBLdr | | #1

    Can you talk a little more about the geotex mesh? how far does it need to protrude out from the foundation? who makes it? is it just installed on the long walls? can it be used in other applications? is it the only system for retaining against the soil thrust?

    1. GBA Editor
      Kiley Jacques | | #2

      The next detail will be about the geotextile fabric; it will post next Monday at 2pm.

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