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Clayton Homes, Empire Construction Team Up for Multiunit Modular

Their first project, a six-unit apartment building in West Knoxville, Tennessee, is designed to showcase their “e-living” concept for modular multifamily construction

An alliance in Tennessee. The first project co-produced by modular-construction specialist Clayton Homes and multifamily builder and restorer Empire Construction will be six units in the Raintree Apartments complex in West Knoxville.
Image Credit: Clayton Homes / Empire Construction

Modular builder Clayton Homes has partnered with Empire Construction, a specialist in multiunit restoration, to bring what the companies are calling “e-living” features to apartment living.

The business strategy behind the partnership is to bring the cost and production efficiencies of Clayton’s modular designs – which the company has applied to single-family construction and small-scale, affordable-green offerings such as its i-house – to projects serviced by Empire, which has extensive experience in multifamily construction and remodeling. The six e-living dwellings in this project, called Raintree Apartments, will be built from renewable materials, the companies say, and are designed to be energy efficient both in construction and operation.

Each unit is about 850 sq. ft., with two bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen, living room, dining room, and washer-dryer closet.

Clayton, which produces its housing components indoors, says its modular building method generates less than 2% scrap, or about 50% less waste than site-built construction. The companies expect the Raintree units to be completed in December. Five of the units will be occupied by families while the sixth will serve as a model home.

Based in Maryville, Tennessee, and owned by Berkshire-Hathaway Company, Clayton operates 35 construction facilities nationwide. Empire is based in Knoxville.

Clayton representative Kelly Williams told GBA that each apartment will meet Energy Star requirements and include Energy Star appliances and low-E windows. Insulation in the units exceeds 2006 IECC requirements, and all ductwork is contained within the insulated envelope and will have less than 5% leakage.

Williams said Clayton and Empire are using Raintree to help market their collaborative modular-production enterprise to developers whose projects might lend themselves to e-living apartments.


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