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Coming Up: Passive House Boston’s Fall 2011 Symposium

Set for October 15, the event will cover case studies, public policy, retrofits, performance monitoring, PHPP, and other Passivhaus topics

The scheduled keynote speaker at Passive House Boston’s Fall 2011 Symposium is Matthew Beaton, who built this 3,000-sq.-ft. home in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The house was certified to the Passivhaus standard in July. Beaton also is a state representative for the 11th Worcester district.
Image Credit: Verdeco Designs

Building professionals in the New England who are interested in energy-efficient buildings and the Passivhaus standard might consider a trip to Boston for Passive House Boston’s Fall 2011 Symposium, a daylong event scheduled for October 15 at Boston Architectural College.

Titled “Passive House in New England: Residential and Beyond,” the conference is set to begin at 9 a.m. and continue to 4 p.m. An informal “networking and beer” gathering, beginning at 4:30, is being planned at a location to be announced.

Registration costs $30, which includes a lunch served at noon. Attendees are asked to register by October 13 via the Passive House Boston website.

Speakers and presentations

Here’s the conference schedule:

9:30 a.m.: Introductory comments

9:45 a.m.; Keynote speaker Matt Beaton – a builder and a Massachusetts respresentative for the 11th Worcester district – will talk about building his own home to the Passivhaus standard, and about public policy

10:30 a.m.: Building Science Corporation field architect and project manager Ken Neuhauser presents “Teaching an Old Building Really New Tricks: Castle Square Multifamily Deep Energy Retrofit”

11:15 a.m.: Architect Fay Raynor, DEAP Energy Group cofounder Mike Duclos, architect Spencer Culhane, Taocon construction manager Sam McAfee, and Boston Green Building owner Brian Butler present “Projects 20×20: An Overview of Five Passive House Projects”

1:00 p.m.: Passivhaus consultant Peter Schneider and architect J. B. Clancy present “Post-Occupancy Project Monitoring: How, Why, and What Does It All Mean?”

2:00 p.m.: Passivhaus architectural consultant David White presents “Passive House Planning Package: An Introduction and a New England Reality Check”

3:00 p.m.: Energy consultant Marc Rosenbaum presents “Eliakims’s Way: Post-occupancy Case Study of Eight Net-zero-possible Homes”

4.00 p.m.: Closing remarks

Check out the Passive House Boston website for more information.


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