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Sustainable Build

Concrete-Free Foamed-Glass Slab

A foundation method for reducing materials, cost, and carbon emissions

Ben Bogie, project manager for the build GBA is following, explains how his team solved for the clients’ objective to reduce concrete in their foundation. The vapor-broken assembly consists of 18 in. of foamed glass from Aero Aggregates laid in 6-in. lifts, compacted and top-dressed with sand. We learn about the assembly’s R-30 sub-slab insulation value, spray-on waterproofing system, Stego heavy-mil. vapor barrier, and how the crew handled the transition between materials to ensure control layer continuity.


Ben Bogie is a second-generation high-performance-building obsessive working as a project manager for BPC Green Builders of Wilton, CT.




  1. vivian_girard | | #1

    I had a number of questions after watching that video -regarding cost in particular. Most of them were answered when I googled them and landed back on this GBA article with some useful comments. An update regarding the current availability and delivered cost of Glavel in North America would be great.,gone%20as%20far%20as%20Seattle).

  2. bob_swinburne | | #2

    I have had people ask me questions about what happens if there ends up being a lot of water from below in the foamed glass. I know-- drainage - but what if? does the R value go away?

  3. bcade | | #3

    I'd love to see some numbers on GWP for the North American produced cellular glass aggregates. Per this 2021 article cellular glass aggregate has a HIGHER GWP for a given R value than EPS, though seemingly corresponds to the European manufactured Glavel being shipped. Unfortunately Aero Aggregates website has nothing meaningful other than noting they use a recycled feedstock

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