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Green Building News

County Encourages Green Building

Boulder County will soon be providing low-interest loans to homeowners who want to install a photovoltaic array. This PV array was recently installed by Simple Solar of Boulder.
Image Credit: Simple Solar

Boulder, CO to Issue Energy Efficiency Retrofit Bonds

BOULDER, CO — Voters in Boulder County, Colorado, have voted to approve a program to provide homeowners with county-backed loans to finance the installation of photovoltaic systems and residential energy-efficiency improvements (for example, air-sealing work or insulation upgrades).

Boulder County plans to issue up to $40 million in bonds to finance the program, which is modeled on a similar program launched in Berkeley, California. The loans will be repaid with new assessments to be added to the property tax bills of participating homeowners. If county officials can iron out the remaining details in time, applications for the program will be accepted beginning in February 2009. For more information, visit .


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