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Sustainable Build

Episode 4: Benefits of Double-Stud Walls

A builder-friendly assembly with high R-value, built-in thermal break, and potential to store carbon

BPC Green Builders project manager Ben Bogie explains how double-stud walls help meet the energy performance goals of this net-positive home being built in Upstate New York. He also talks about the attributes that make this his go-to assembly, including its familiar framing for carpenters, extra-deep insulation cavity, and inherent thermal break. We see ZIP System sheathing being installed and learn why it was used as the primary air barrier.


Ben Bogie is a second-generation high-performance-building obsessive working as a project manager for BPC Green Builders of Wilton, CT.


  1. Adam_F | | #1

    Enjoying this series quite a lot. What made you all decide to go with Zip over something with more perms, like Plywood and adhered WRB?

    1. deucevantage | | #6

      Acf -spot on - The question answers itself .of course plywood and say Vaproshield Canfield a very vapor permeable wall, the WRB barrier is not a microscopic sheet of paper impregnated with resin, flashing of window rough openings rough openings superior, AND you now have to worry less if water does penetrate the wall assembly - zip is, after all, osb…unfair to expect Ben to respond because the answer is clear.

  2. boxfactory | | #2

    I am also truly enjoying this series, and would like to learn more about the above question.

  3. Deleted | | #3


  4. brendan_kavanagh | | #4

    So well done, great work everyone!

  5. dadamsinky | | #5

    @Ben, what was the thin strip over-layer on top of the EPDM bulb sill seal, an aluminum sheet termite barrier?

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