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GBA To Go!

Try out this app for mobile phones. I built it at using the free site. It will be available for the next couple of weeks at which point, it will either go away or I’ll pony up the cash to buy a subscription.

Bookmark this link on your iPhone or Android phone and you’re mobile:

if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘3446104f-73c4-4e47-b2b4-dcc1169d8617’); Get the Mobile App Badge widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

Let us know if you use it, if you would continue to use it, and how it works.




  1. HomeBuilder1975 | | #1

    App not working correctly.

    The app is not working correctly on my iPhone, it does pull up the blogs but I can only see the first paragraph or so. Then entire article is not loading. I saw the new blog this morning by Martin on it but only the first 4-5 sentences are viewable.

  2. HomeBuilder1975 | | #2

    By the way, I routinely pull up GBA blogs on my iPhone via Safari, the app idea is nice but it doesn't give me anything I don't already have. Well, maybe a bit quicker.

  3. DanBuilderResnet | | #3

    I tried to download the app,
    I tried to download the app, doesn't seem to be working. Could be my app for reading the barcode.

  4. Daniel Morrison | | #4

    it's sort of lame on my android phone too
    In order to read the full article, you need to click the title, which takes you to the main site and at that point, why is the app needed?

  5. HomeBuilder1975 | | #5

    On my iPhone, even when I click the article title I only see a few sentences, maybe the first paragraph. I cannot see the entire article.


    works fine in a browser
    I'd vote for spending money on adding details to the detail library rather than adding a smart phone app. I'm happy with seeing the data on my Droid Browser and I-pod (though my I-pod got stolen recently so I'm stuck with the Droid at this point)

    Details I want to see: alternative foundation systems including CMU block, pier/ post and curtain, ICFs and Superior wall as well as that concrete-foam-concrete system Riversong uses. Non-foam, double wall data. Climate consultant 4 read-outs for various wall and roof scenarios, thermal photos of various air tightening strategies,

  7. Daniel Morrison | | #7

    I added a section to the forum called Plans Review. I figured that GBA contributors could post details--like your double-stud wall--and others could critique them.

    After details pass muster from the crowd, maybe we can find some budget for formal drawings.

    I suppose a wish list could be a good place to start...

    I was just fooling around with the app--if I could make a useful little widget quickly and easily, then maybe it was worth the effort.

    Apparently not.

    Thanks for the input,

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