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Green Building News

Green Open House Tour on October 5th

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's 14th home tour coincides with the National Solar Tour

A tour of energy-efficient green homes. Connecticut's first certified Passivhaus house will be one of hundreds of buildings in the region that are included in this year's Green Open House Tour on October 5.

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s Green Buildings Open House Tour takes place Saturday, October 5, and for the second year NESEA is teaming up with EnergySage to provide an online database of the hundreds of houses that will be open to the public.

The Open House Tour is in its 14th year. It’s affiliated with the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour, which takes place on the same day. The National Solar Tour includes about 5,000 solar-energy sites around the country, which can be located with the help of a link at its website.

Plug in your zip code and how far you’re willing to travel and you will get a list of participating properties.

NESEA’s database includes car dealerships, churches, apartment buildings, and public buildings as well as houses. Each listing includes a description of the energy-related upgrade and how much it’s expected to save annually. Technologies include photovoltaic systems, solar hot water systems, ground-source heat pumps, wind turbines, and biomass and biofuel appliances.

One Comment

  1. Peter L | | #1

    Connecticut Passivhaus
    The above mentioned home in this article was also featured on this forum in more detail back on April 03, 2013.

    It was the first home in Connecticut to get Passivhaus certification. What I found interesting with the home is that the south facing glass was only 6.5% of it's total square footage (3,561). The general rule of thumb is around 7-12% but since they ran the calculations through the Passivhaus software, it calculated out to what they needed. I would be interested to know if they bumped the glazing to 7% or higher on the south end, how it would have effected the results? The SHGC on the southern windows was 0.494 and they used Intus Windows which had a U-Value of 0.106 on the glazing alone.

    Either way, it passed and was certified as the first Passivhaus in Connecticut, in addition to winning other awards like Net Zero. Great job! Hopefully there will be others.

    Anyone here going to the open house on Oct 5th?

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