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Habitat for Humanity’s Classic Green Look

Designed by Dominick Tringali Architects, the high-performance prototype will soon welcome a large family

TWO STORIES, AFFORDABLE, AND GREEN. This five-bedroom house, designed for Habitat for Humanity by Michigan-based Dominick Tringali Architects, was built for about $100,000 and will soon be evaluated for LEED certification.
Image Credit: Dominick Tringali Architects

Habitat for Humanity projects have become some of the most productive laboratories for affordable energy-efficient home design. And one of the newest additions to the Habitat for Humanity repertoire, a five-bedroom house designed by Dominick Tringali Architects, could be its greenest.

Based on what DTA calls an Affordable Green Plan, this home is a 1,768-sq.-ft. two-story five-bedroom – notably larger than the 1,250-sq.-ft. ranch-style homes built for many Habitat for Humanity clients. Constructed for a bit less than the $100,000 budgeted, the house will soon be evaluated for LEED Platinum certification, says Steve McKay, a DTA senior designer and one of the lead designers on the project.

The ultimate measure of satisfaction, however, will be when the intended occupants – a family of nine – move in at the end of the month.

Each room includes at least two windows, with minimal window space on the north-facing side and canopied windows on the south side. A wraparound porch and extended roof line help shade the living room and enhance the home’s classic look. The $100,000 budget also includes Energy Star windows, exterior doors, appliances and fixtures, and a high-efficiency furnace and tankless water heater.

Overall, the house is 33 ft. wide by 38 ft. deep, and features roof and wall dimensions intended to minimize materials waste and allow for relatively easy assembly. Walls and ceilings, which are assembled offsite, feature 24-in. stud spacing.


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