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Halloween Home Horrifica

Some stuff we wish we only saw one day per year


  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Hey, I recognize that house with the tree that landed squarely on the window. It tooks months for them to move the tree--it must have been an insurance "nightmare" too. (From what I recall, no one was hurt at least.)

  2. Biff Jones | | #2

    slideshow too fast
    I barely have a chance to understand what I'm looking at, much less read the caption.

  3. Daniel Morrison | | #3

    You can pause the slideshow
    Place your cursor over the image and a play/pause, Forward, Back buttons appear.

  4. Bill Rose | | #4

    Chimney flashing
    One of the shots shows chimney flashing with the upper piece of flashing sticking out from the uphill part of the chimney by about three inches. In fact, this approach is recommended in the Canada Mortgage and Housing Commission (CMHC) Best Practice Guide on Flashing. It's quite a good idea. Most chimney flashing with a cricket has weak points where the different planes meet, usually requiring soldering when done correctly, or goop when not. By extending the flashing out beyond the back of the chimney, this problem is avoided.

    That said, the flashing job looks like hell. The counterflashing on the side of the chimney should be tight. If the flashing extension approach is used, it should be cut at an angle so it meets the corner of the chimney at the top of the flashing, with no sharp points protruding. The Best Practice Guide shows it protruding--not a great idea.

  5. Daniel Morrison | | #5

    Good roofers use a brake
    Thanks for the comment, Bill.
    I agree about the extension and the cricket. In shooting a re-roof article for Fine Homebuilding, roofer Steven Hazlett said to me "You can tell a lot about what you'll find by looking at the chimney flashing from the ground. If the flashing wasn't bent with a brake, chances are everything else is sloppy too and there's bound to be a lot of damage to repair." He was explaining to me why he had som much plywood patch stock on his truck.

    When we dug in to the roof, we found all sorts on small leaks that resulted in big chunks of rot. In fact, the photo of a chimney with rotted wood around it in this slide show is the same job.

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