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Home Energy Interviews Home Performance Experts

The magazine's “Legends of Home Performance” video series features building scientists, researchers, engineers, architects, policy makers, and an editor

Image Credit: Home Energy magazine - Legends of Home Performance

Home Energy magazine is sponsoring a catalog of video interviews that it calls the “Legends of Home Performance” series. The videos were created by Debra Little.

Among the interviewees in the series are Robert Bean, Chris Benedict, Rick Chitwood, Gord Cooke, Henry Gifford, Martin Holladay, Gary Nelson, Sam Rashkin, Marc Rosenbaum, Nehemiah Stone, and John Straube.

The videos are available on YouTube.

To see the interview with GBA senior editor Martin Holladay, click on the image below.

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  1. mackstann | | #1

    Martin, your excitement is
    Martin, your excitement is contagious and is key to the quality and quantity of information you put out for everyone to learn from. Thanks for doing what you do!

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