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Green Building Curmudgeon

How Green Is My Architect?

All things are now green at the AIA convention, including the signs.

Made it to San Francisco for the AIA (American Institute of Architects) annual conference yesterday, and while there was not a single bow tie in sight, I did see at least two pairs of Corbu glasses. What was most interesting, although not unexpected, was how green the conference itself has become. Just as the rest of the building industry—and the country, for that matter—has suddenly taken on the green mantle, architects and their affiliated partners have all “gone green.” As I walked the show floor, I noticed the high percentage of vendors who are now classifying their products as green, sustainable, energy efficient, and even “LEED Certified” (whatever that means). While many of them are truly green products, others have just jumped on the bandwagon and are taking advantage of a marketing opportunity. Rather than go into the details, I have created a short presentation for your entertainment, showing most, if not all, of the
green claims I saw in the City by the Bay…


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