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How to Choose a Builder or Remodeler to Fit Your Needs and Budget

Green builders and remodelers are already one step above the rest in quality, but how do you know if they're really the best builder for you?

Down load this free white paper on selecting a builder

Builders and remodelers are often seen in the same light as attorneys and auto mechanics – necessary, tolerated, but not especially embraced by society. That may be because in most places, the bar is set pretty low to become a builder or remodeler.

Unfortunately, a lot of under-qualified folks get into the trades. Many backed in because they couldn’t think of anything else to do and the home-building market was booming. But surely there are some good (and even great) builders out there, right? So how do consumers go about finding the good ones?

Tools for consumers

This free white paper for titled Thinning the Herd: How to Pick the Best Eco-Builder
(free registration required), provides consumers with answers to commonly asked questions about building green homes, and provides them with tips for pinpointing the right builder for a project.

Download the white paper now

_–Dan Morrison is the managing editor of


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