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Installing High-Performance Windows


Installing High-Performance Windows: By far the weakest link in a Passive House, windows must be installed perfectly

In the fifth and last installment of The Passive House Build, Steve Baczek writes about “Installing High-Performance Windows.” The guiding principle of a Passive House is that its primary source of heat is the sun. Not only do you have to locate and size windows and doors to take advantage of that sunlight, but they have to be high-quality units capable of retaining that energy for times when the sun isn’t shining. That’s a tall order when you have 24 windows and three entry doors and your goal is a finished house with an air-leakage area that’s roughly the size of an index card. Through a clear sequence of flashing, taping, and insulating, Baczek shows how to install these windows and hold up to a five-minute spray test without any signs of leaking.

[To read more of Steve Baczek’s article from the August/September 2014 issue of Fine Homebuilding, click the link below.]


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