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Installing Large-Format Tile

Josh Oduin preps and places oversize tiles for a curbless shower

In this episode of Job-Site Diaries, remodeler Josh Oduin is working on the tile installation and waterproofing systems for a curbless shower in a custom home in Southeast Portland, OR. From prepping the shower pan and the massive tiles to positioning and placing the tile, Josh details the full process.


Josh Oduin is a remodeler based in Portland, Oregon.

One Comment

  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    Great informative video.
    Can you comment on how slip resistant this type of installation is? Do they do anything to the finish of the "large format tile" (which seems rather like a custom piece of solid surface material?) to increase slip resistance?
    Also, how deep is the slope? It would seem it needs to be deep enough so that if the drain clogs, the user can see standing water and shut it off before there is a flood, but not so steep that the user notices they are standing on an uneven slope.

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