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Electric Radiant Heat Under Tile Floors

Watch remodeler Josh Oduin show off his tilesetting skills throughout his personal cabin project.

One of the perks of following remodeler and expert tilesetter Josh Oduin on his personal cabin build is getting to see some of his impressive tile installations. In this episode of Job-Site Diaries, Josh describes why he is using electric radiant heat under the tile floors in his cabin, and shows off the unique plank tiles that he’s laid in a parquet pattern throughout the living room. He also gives us a tour of the bathroom, pointing out the custom Madrone-wood cabinets and matched patterns of large-format tile in the shower that make it look as if it were carved out of a single block of marble.


Josh Oduin is a tile setter based in Portland, Oregon.


  1. user-2405374 | | #1

    Supplementing the 100% efficient electric resistance heating system w/ the 300+ % efficient minisplit seems counterintuitive to me. He'd be much better off heating primarily with the minisplit and supplementing w/ the electric resistance heating. I've had this conversation with many custom homeowners who just can't resist radiant floor heating systems regardless of their inefficiencies.

  2. dackdotcom | | #2

    Nothing here is my style but the craftsmanship is next-level. I wish I was half as good.

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