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A BuildingGreen Top 10 Product: Mobile Solar Power

A great replacement for internal combustion generators, these PV-powered rigs can provide 9.3 to 45 kWh, or from 9.3 to 90 amps, which is plenty to power your table saw (and radio).

–From BuildingGreen’s 2009 Top-10 Products list

Mobile Solar Power manufactures a range of portable solar-powered generators that integrate PV panels, inverters, charge controllers, and lead-acid storage batteries into a self-contained trailer that keeps all components other than the PV modules fully protected and out of the elements. Used as a silent, more environmentally responsible replacement for portable diesel generators, these units are available in multiple models with maximum energy storage ranging from 9.3 to 45 kWh (390 to 1880 amp-hours) and daily power production up to 18.7 kWh, with rated output of 9.5—90 amps.

Most models use Outback inverters and Suntech monocrystalline PV modules, with options to upgrade to higher-power-density Sanyo modules and larger battery banks. Smaller models have 24-volt, flooded lead-acid batteries made by Trojan, while larger models have IBE batteries. Trailer units are made by Wells Cargo. The MS 100 Series generators have single axles rated at 2,200 pounds; MS 200 models have single axles rated at 3,850 pounds, and MS 300 models have tandem axles rated at 3,500 pounds each. Convenient inputs are provided for AC power and conventional gasoline or diesel generators. When a backup generator is needed (in the case of extended low sun periods or higher-than-planned energy draw), it can be operated at full power with maximum efficiency to recharge batteries, then shut off, rather than running it throughout the day.

More information:

Mobile Solar Power

6925 B Sycamore Road

Atascadero, CA 93422

Phone: 805-466-1006


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