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Green Building News

Net-Zero Design Competition

Architecture at Zero 2013 seeks an innovative design for a San Francisco apartment building

Image Credit: Architecture at Zero

This year’s Architecture at Zero design competition will be for an affordable housing project in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.

Entries will be for a building of up to 14 stories with 150 apartment units and a ground-floor grocery store that’s “as close to zero net energy as possible.”

The competition is sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric and the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects in partnership with the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp., a non-profit that owns 31 buildings in the city and provides housing and support services to more than 3,200 people.

The deadline for entries is Oct. 1. Judges include Edward Mazria, founder of Architecture 2030 and Cathleen McGuigan, editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. You’ll find more information about the competition at the Architecture at Zero 2013 website.


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