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Northeast Green Building Council Confab April 4

Seven Northeast chapters of the USGBC will host a one-day regional summit in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington will host a regional USGBC gathering. Organizers promise participants will include “the marvelous, the maddening, the number crunchers and artists, the wacky and the wonderful,” among others.

Details were skimpy, but organizers of a regional meeting of U.S. Green Building Council chapters promised an opportunity to learn and network at the Upper Northeast Regional Summit in Burlington, VT, on April 4.

The announcement didn’t include a list of speakers or workshops. Instead, it said the event would be “a wicked amazing gathering for one night, one day, with over 100 extraordinary people, all there in one place — storytellers, innovators and inventors, ne’er do wells and troublemakers, designers and divas, the marvelous, the maddening, the number crunchers and artists, the wacky and the wonderful, the creative and the very curious, propelled and rocketed with vision and action.”

Thursday, April 3, was billed as an optional Vermont chapter event where participants could “network and learn.” Friday will see “extremely extraordinary experimental events.”

The cost is $77.

The summit is hosted by USBC chapters in the six New England states plus upstate New York. Accommodations are at the Hilton Burlington, according to the Connecticut chapter, which sent out the announcement.


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