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Green Building News

Online NZEH Course for Pros and Consumers

A DIY primer Participants in an online course on green residential construction, offered June 3-November 18 by the Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida, will use the Department of Energy’s EnergySmart Home Scale (aka the E-Scale) to measure their progress toward achieving a zero energy home.
Image Credit: Department of Energy

Florida Solar Energy Center offers a 12-week Webinar designed to help building professionals and homebuyers sort through details of zero-energy construction

Beginning next month, the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research and training department of the University of Central Florida, will present a 12-session online course designed to help builders, contractors, designers, educators, energy auditors, energy raters, engineers, prospective homebuyers, and utility representatives familiarize themselves with strategies for constructing and operating zero-energy homes.

The series of sessions, which begins June 3 with a course titled “Defining a Zero Energy Green Home,” is spread out over 22 weeks and covers subjects such as design fundamentals, highly efficient water heating systems, key characteristics of NZEH windows and walls, HVAC systems, PV system strategies, selecting appliances, and monitoring and operating techniques.

The sessions are presented by FSEC staff and include video case studies. The cost of each course is $69. Click here for the registration page; click here for a PDF of the course brochure.


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