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Green Building News

Passive House Symposium Scheduled for June 8

City College of New York will host the second annual event

The 2nd Annual Passive House Symposium will take place on June 8, 2013 at The Bernard & Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at the City College of New York.

The NY13 Symposium will include presentations by Dr. Berthold Kaufmann of the Passivhaus Institut and Richard Leigh of the Urban Green Council as well as others.

The 18 vendors on hand will show high-performance products and services. Organizers say the day-long event is aimed at anyone with an interest in Passivhaus design, “both the uninitiated and initiated alike.”

The cost of the program is $150 ($175) at the door, which includes lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. The address is 160 Convent Ave., New York, NY.

One Comment

  1. Bronwyn Barry | | #1

    Quite the line-up!
    I'm constantly impressed by the caliber of events being hosted by regional Passive House organizations around the US. Passive House Northwest regularly hosts an annual conference that rivals the national one, Passive House California attracted an impressive crowd this year and now NY Passive House is hosting a list of presenters that rivals the International Conference recently held in Frankfurt.

    When multiple grassroots organizations around North America are repeatedly able to host excellent events, it bodes well for the future of high performance building. I'm excited to be attending.

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