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Green Building News

Passivhaus Institut Launches Online Training

New video modules in English are an introduction to this high-performance building approach

Germany's Passivhaus Institut now has a video training program available online.
Image Credit: Passivhaus Institut

The Passivhaus Institut (PHI), headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, announced an online training program that could be the starting point for those who want to become designers and consultants.

The video modules are available in English. They are designed as an introduction for beginners in Passivhaus design and as preparatory material for courses leading to certification as a Passive House designer or consultant, PHI said in its March 23 press release.

“The Passive House principle is simple; however, a few details need to be kept in mind during

planning, to ensure that the energy savings expected by building owners are actually assured,” PHI said.

PHI’s three-tiered building standard includes limits on overall energy consumption, heat energy consumption, and air leakage through the building envelope. In a revised edition released last year, the standard also added new requirements for renewable energy in the “plus” and “premium” building categories.

There are three introductory modules available for free — a good place to start for those who want a quick summary of what Passivhaus construction is about. The full course costs 195 euros (about $218 at current exchange rates).

PHI also said that its e-learning program is a good way to prepare for workshops at the International Passive House Conference in Darmstadt on April 22 and 23. If you’re signed up for the conference, you’ll get a 100-euro discount on the course.


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