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Position Yourself as an Expert Eco-Builder: Embrace Technology

7 steps to successfully setting yourself apart from the pack

Rapid changes in the residential construction industry are providing new profit and diversification opportunities for builders. Those who see and understand these opportunities can position themselves as experts in the field and provide exemplary service to gain an important edge in the marketplace. Knowing where you stand in relation to your competition is paramount. Educating and communicating that position to prospective customers is equally important.

Part 6 of a 7-part series

6. Embrace technology

Buyers of green products are savvy and connected—literally, through online social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Position yourself as an expert in your market niche, and exhibit your knowledge through these social media sites with articles, photos, and videos of your projects. Use Twitter to market open houses, Realtor workshops, and informational consumer seminars offered at your model home or job site. Use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals in your industry. You never know whom they are connected to and how your relationship with them could result in a sale.

Consider blogging­. A blog is a great way for prospects to get to know you better and learn about current projects. They can see firsthand how your construction process unfolds and how well you work with your customers. One quick tip: Every time you blog, add a tweet on your Twitter page with a link back to your blog. Link between your website and blog as well. Another tip: Webinars, live or recorded, can be posted on YouTube almost effortlessly.

Next week: 7. Stay connected with your customers

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