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Spotlight on the Summit: Avoiding Stucco Failures and Making High Performance Easier to Build

A closer look at two of the presenters and their courses scheduled for the seminar happening this October

The first ever Fine Homebuilding Summit is less than 3 months away, and we’re getting more and more excited the closer we get. Why? Because planning the event means that we’ve had the pleasure of talking to each of our 12 expert presenters about the specifics of their classes. Let’s just say that holding the event from Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon is ideal, because attendees will need the rest of the weekend to recover from the amount of knowledge we are going to cram into this 2 day seminar. To give you a taste, here’s a look at just a couple of the topics:

Stucco is the topic that keeps many building experts up at night, and for good reason: Code-minimum installation guidelines are a recipe for disaster, and many big builders are rolling the dice on their liability because they calculate their share of remediation will still be less expensive than doing it right in the first place. Luckily, we will have Christine Williamson—a building scientist, consultant, and the creator of the educational @buildingsciencefightclub on Instagram—in the house to explain what we’re up against, how we got here, and the specific solutions designers and builders can put in place to more intelligently manage risk of stucco failures.

Design with a builder in mind
A cutting-edge, high-performance house may be fun to dream up on paper, but it can be a real challenge for the builder who’s charged with making it happen. Often these builders are dragged out of their comfort zone and faced with new methods, new materials, and new metrics and measurements of what makes a “good” job. Recognizing this as a major hurdle to quality results in energy efficiency, Architect Steve Baczek has made it his mission to bring high-performance building back into the comfort zone of the common man. You don’t want to miss his insights on material selection and education, creating drawings that go far beyond the standard generic details, and corralling a group of subcontractors across different trades and getting them all to buy in.

Learn more and register here!


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