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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Making Concrete More Sustainable

Is it possible to take the carbon sting out of concrete as we know it, or is it up to green builders to find substitutes?

Portland cement production process image from:

We’ve all heard it, and Bruce King confirms it in his presentation, concrete is responsible for 8% of global green house gas emissions. Concrete includes a number of ingredients, like sand and water and aggregates. The main carbon culprit is the Portland Cement, the glue that gives most common concrete its strength. In this episode of the BS* + Beer Show our panelists— Bruce King, Bruce King PE and author of The New Carbon ArchitectureChristie Gamble of CarbonCure, and Trevor Acorn, PE, engineer at Walter P. Moore—discuss the possibilities of making concrete more sustainable from using less of it, to using it as a carbon sink, to minimizing the amount of Portland Cement in the mix, to all-out alternatives. Enjoy the show!

The next show is Thursday, May 21 from 6 to 7:30 pm: The Benefits of Bio-based Building Materials. Our panelists are builder Jacob Racusin, author and Endeavour Centre director Chris Magwood, and architect David Arkin. Use this link to register

Brian Pontolilo is a former editor at Fine Homebuilding magazine and Green Building Advisor.


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