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The Retrofit Podcast

The Retrofit Podcast Episode 11: Sean Armstrong, Redwood Energy, and Electrofits

In this episode of the Retrofit Podcast, host Ryan Shanahan talks with Sean Armstrong, founder and principal of Redwood Energy. Ryan and Sean talk all about energy, including developing multi-family net zero projects as well as energy retrofits on a budget, keeping things affordable, and electrofits.

If you have questions you would like us to dig into for a future show, or guests you would like to see, leave a comment below or shoot an email to [email protected].


  1. [email protected] | | #1

    I was intrigued by the discussion of using EV batteries in homes to "back up" the grid so that power is available during those times that solar panels are not producing electricity. However, has anyone looked into the issue of decreased battery life by the increased charging/discharging that this would entail? Would it be significant enough to dissuade homeowners from participating?
    John Sanderson

    1. ozar | | #2

      The short answer is that yes, car manufacturers are very concerned about how this may impact longevity, and are conservative about enabling it. It's worth noting they are continually iterating and there is a trend ( toward the LFP chemistry which, while less energy-dense than traditional chemistries, has longer cycle-time (and also doesn't require cobalt, which has a problematic supply chain). The induction stove with a battery mentioned there has a LFP battery (

  2. dustindawind | | #3

    What is the model of the 900W Heat Pump HW heater with mixing valve being discussed around 15:00 mark? Very interesting in installing one...

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