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Green Building News

U.S. Green Building Council Names New CEO

The council's chief operating officer will take over when the current CEO leaves the post

Mahesh Ramanujam
Image Credit: USGBC

Mahesh Ramanujam, chief operating officer of the U.S. Green Building Council, will take over the organization’s top spot at the end of next year when current CEO Rick Fedrizzi steps down.

Ramanujam, a native of Chennai, India, holds a bachelor of engineering degree in computer science and began his career in software and systems analysis and product development, the USGBC said in its announcement. The decision by the board of directors was announced on September 8.

Ramanujam joined the USGBC in 2009 as senior vice president for technology, and was named chief operating officer two years later. In 2012, he also was named president of the Green Building Certification Institute, where the council said he broadened offerings to serve a wider client base. (Its name has since been changed to Green Business Certification Inc.)

Before joining the USGBC, Ramanujam was the chief operating officer for Emerges, a North Carolina-based consulting firm.

“I’m deeply honored that Rick and the board have placed their trust in me, and I will serve the organization and our movement with a long-term vision — keeping innovation as a top priority,” Ramanujam said in a prepared statement. “As USGBC’s CEO, I pledge to continually modernize and enhance our capabilities and performance to ensure we deliver the future that our founders envisioned.”

The USGBC developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green rating system for residential, commercial and institutional buildings.


  1. user-349933 | | #1

    Isn't the guy retiring making
    Isn't the guy retiring making something like $25,000 a week off of this non for profit? No wonder LEED certifications are so expensive! I bet LEED wouldn't even be able to exist if a large portion of the buildings certified were not government buildings paid for by us blue collar folks through our tax dollars. Working for a non for profit is the way to go these days.

  2. user-349933 | | #2

    $1.3 per year
    Go to work for a "non for profit" where you can make $ 1.3 million a year and now the politicians want to forgive your student loans if you work for one. These non for profits need to be reined in not supported with tax breaks.

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