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Vancouver, B.C., Will Host a Passivhaus Conference

The first Passivhaus conference in Canada is scheduled for September 27, 2013

Image Credit: Canadian Passive House Institute

The Canadian Passive House Institute is planning Canada’s first Passivhaus conference. Dubbed Passive House North 2013, the event is scheduled for September 27 and 28, 2013, in Vancouver, B.C. The conference, which is expected to attract American as well as Canadian attendees, will cover topics related to single-family homes, multifamily residences, and commercial buildings.

The list of invited speakers is impressive – a veritable Who’s Who of the Passivhaus community. The expected speakers include Dr. Wolfgang Feist, Tim McDonald (of Onion Flats fame), Henry Gifford, Bronwyn Barry, Tomas O’Leary (from the Passive House Academy), Nabih Tahan, Peter Amerongen, and Mike Eliason.

Covered topics will include Passivhaus affordability, cold climate difficulties, large wood structures, multifamily housing, prefab construction, high-performance window design, heat recovery ventilation, and airtightness.

The conference will take place over multiple days. The pre-conference banquet on Friday night will include a presentation by Henry Gifford.

The cost of the conference is $550 (in Canadian dollars), with discounts available to members of several Passivhaus groups. For more information, visit the Passive House North 2013 website.

[Thanks to Mike Eliason for providing details for this news story.]


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