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Why Become a GBA Pro Member? is the only online resource that offers a complete package of information needed to design, build, and remodel energy-efficient, healthy homes.

If you are a:

  • Builder
  • Architect or designer
  • Remodeler
  • Knowledgeable homeowner
  • Interior Designer
  • Building inspector or code official
  • Subcontractor
  • Tradesperson
  • Do-it-yourselfer
  • Building science researcher or academic
  • Housing policy expert
  • Green professional
  • Building product manufacturer . . .

…then this site was designed for you and is made up of a community of folks who share your interests and possess enviable knowledge and experience in green building.


  • Insight and advice—from our team of editors, most of whom have been builders or remodelers.
  • Techniques that work—from our Green Building Advisors, 15 industry-leading green building professionals who provide their knowledge, insight, tips, and techniques.
  • Answers, examples and experience—from the community.
  • Green Basics—use it yourself or as a tool to share the why and how behind green building.
  • Strategy Generator—an interactive tool to help you understand how to make it green and connect you to the resources that will give you the details.
  • 1,000 Construction details, which you can cut and paste into your CAD drawings or print out for your subs.
  • In-depth advice—daily posts from some of the best green builders and building science minds in America. Plus, scores of articles from Fine Homebuilding and Environmental Building News.
  • Green product guide—advice on selecting building products and reviews of the best residential products from BuildingGreen’s GreenSpec.
  • Blogs—Themed blogs delivering incisive commentary on building product selection, energy efficiency, business, news, and much more.
  • Code issues—specific advice to help with your Building Department.
  • Real-world examples—see the strategies used to create green homes in every climate and learn from their successes.
  • Regional Perspective—Specific strategies and advice for climate and region.
  • Community—Get answers to puzzling questions from experienced professionals, including our Advisors. Or provide answers based on your own experiences.
  • Save. Share. Document. MyGBA—your own project management space. Bookmark favorite articles, photos, drawings, and videos. Share how-to instruction with clients, subcontractors, and colleagues. Document your own projects so you remember critical steps and information.

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