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Pretty Good House

  • Question & Answers

    Taping mudsill to foundation to seal existing home

    Hi,   I'd like to avoid spraying closed cell foam to seal the seam between mudsill and foundation as well as rim joist to mudsill in an existing home in climate…

  • Question & Answers

    Building Envelope Design for Pretty Good House

    Hello! I’m a new member of GBA but have read through the site in depth, listen to BS&Beer podcasts, etc. I could really use input from the GBA community about…

  • Question & Answers

    Home renovation and remodeling in Naperville

    Berno Renovations is well known for home renovation in Hinsdale. We provide our clients top-of-the-line services that cater to their specific project needs and management requirements, all at competitive prices.…

  • Question & Answers

    Odor from Sealed Crawlspace

    I'll try to be concise.  I'd hoped not to have to ask for help but I'm out of ideas. The house is 75 years old, pier and beam, climate zone…

  • Question & Answers

    Misc. Questions on New Build

    Hi there, I'm Sean. I'm building a new home in Climate Zone 6B, North Idaho. Single level with bonus over garage, 2850sf finished with a 468sf unfinished basement under part,…