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Green Basics

How to Install Exterior French Doors

Exterior French DoorsA veteran remodeler shows you how to install and adjust hinged double doors for smooth operation.

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Installing a set of new hinged patio doors can be tricky.

Because there are two door panels that move close to one another, every adjustment has to be just right. If the doors are installed cross-legged, they will never close properly. If you’re installing French doors, you need to understand the details that assure a watertight and airtight installation.

Veteran remodeler Mike Sloggatt demonstrates the necessary steps, from modifying the rough opening, to installing the doors, adjusting the doors, and finishing touches.


  1. canada_deck | | #1

    I'm a little confused about how he did the minor adjustment to make the door closer to plumb. It looks like he was just moving the door a tiny amount, maybe 1/8" or less. When he put the screws back in, wouldn't they just fall back into their original holes?

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    It would be easier to answer your question if you told us what video you are talking about, and approximately how many minutes into the video you're talking about.

    Are you talking about the adjustment made at 2:10 into the video that is called "Install French Doors: Make Adjustments" -- the video that is 8:50 long? If so, here's my answer: Mike installed the screws into new holes, not into the same holes.

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