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Green Basics

Stump the Energy Nerd 2014, Part 2

On Day 2 of NESEA's Building Energy 14 conference, Martin Holladay returned to the trade show stage for a second round of Stump the Energy Nerd

Produced by Dariusz Kanarek

Recorded at the demonstration stage at NESEA’s Building Energy 14 conference in Boston on March 6, 2014, Martin Holladay answers questions from the audience at the second session of “Stump the Energy Nerd.”

Martin responds to questions about:

  • the PHPP spreadsheet,
  • energy modeling programs,
  • HRV systems vs. exhaust-only ventilation systems,
  • vented roof assemblies vs. unvented roof assemblies,
  • the factors that affect asphalt shingle temperatures,
  • unvented cathedral ceilings insulated with cellulose,
  • using basement vents to try to dry out a wet basement,
  • cold-weather performance of polyiso foam,
  • heat-pump water heaters,
  • the carbon footprint of conference attendees who travel by airplane, and
  • selecting an appropriate water heater.


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