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Video: Duct Sealing and Leak Testing

Duct sealing and duct leakage testing: Two experts from Conservation Services Group, Eric Wilder and Will D’Arrigo, explain how to seal duct seams with mastic and how to use a Duct Blaster to test duct tightness

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Recorded at the demonstration stage at NESEA’s Building Energy 13 conference in Boston on March 6, 2013, duct sealing experts Eric Wilder and Will D’Arrigo explain how to seal leaks in duct seams and how to conduct a duct leakage test.

Among the questions answered in this video:

  • Are any tapes durable enough for duct sealing?
  • When should I use mastic, and when should I use tape?
  • What kind of mastic should I use?
  • When should mastic be applied with a paint brush, and when should it be applied with a trowel?
  • Are there any changes to code requirements for duct sealing on the horizon?
  • Can I use a fog machine for duct leakage testing?
  • Are ducts tested at 25 pascals or 50 pascals?

Once you’ve seen duct sealing in action, and you’ve heard some of your questions answered by these two experts, you’ll have the confidence to tackle duct sealing at your next job site.

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