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12v system install on a ’90 Alpenlite 25+2 5th wheel

ArimaKisho | Posted in General Questions on

My list of main components…

4x 100w Newpowa monocrystalline PV
17.2v 5.82a ea

60a Top One Power MPPT charge controller without a dedicated ground terminal

2x Mighty Max 12v 100ah AGM batteries

2x Bayite 100v meter w/100a shunt

I was planning on installing this system to run the 12v components of my 5th wheel but now that I’ve read the 12v safety sticky I’m wondering if these solar components should be used, or can be safely. I’ve read so much conflicting information over the last 2 years I’ve become lost in the storm of it. I bought these components with the intention of eventually using them to run grow lights but wanted to temporarily use them to run the trailer till I could afford a smaller, more suitable, setup. I have no intention of using this system to power an inverter at this time, only the 12v appliances and lights. We have frequent power outages so I had hoped it would be enough to run my 12v forced air heater and AC/propane fridge when it’s switched over to propane during an extended outage.

If these components are unsafe for my intended RV install how should I adjust to make it work, ie; Is a single 12v 100ah battery okay, or is it imperative that I switch to a bank of 6v? How many of the 100w panels should I use? Do I need to buy a completely different charge controller? (*note* The trailer has a 40a 12v panel, is currently utilizing 2x 12v FLA in parallel, and the harness is set up for them)

I’m not going to ask the slew of questions I first intended until this is settled. One more thing, I don’t have a lot of money and it took me some time to put this system together, so please refrain from suggesting things like lithium batteries or overly expensive components because I won’t be able to act on your advice. If I do need to change components, AGM batteries are my preference for their low maintenance needs.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out and I’m more than happy to provide more info if needed.

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