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150 year old house insulation plan

nynick | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Zone 5
Total renovation
Here’s what I’m thinking.

(To be) Finished basement- concrete floor-no insulation
Concrete and stone foundation walls-2″ closed cell (including rim joists) behind 2×4 walls, 2″ away from foundation.
Basement ceiling-no insulation

1st and 2nd floor walls-Plaster or drywall, 3 1/2 ” Rockwool, existing T&G sheathing, Henry’s Blueskin with liquid sill flashing, 2″ PolyIso, rain screen, cement board siding.

Attic rafters and cathedral ceiling rafters-plaster or drywall (except attic), 3″closed cell, existing T&G sheathing, Henry’s Blueskin, 4″ PolyIso, 7/16″ Zip taped, asphalt shingles.

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