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1920s balloon framing and basement finishing

Mrordinary | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Location: NJ

Framing: Balloon
Block terracotta
Siding outside: brick veneer
Job: basement insulation
1. Terracotta Wall is not straight 
2. Fireblock and insulation
3. Will I create Moisture issues at rim joist?
1. Stick frame wall since floor is uneven. Only put sticks at the end.
2. Apply foam glue on 2 inch foam board. Place the foam on the bottom of the floor and put it to bottom of the joist. 
3. Either put in more sticks for framing or brace the glued foam board another way.
4. Unsure about rim joist area
A. Add rockwool in the joist, then add 2×8 Fireblock, then foam board. Seal area with fire caulk. 
B. Add foam board against sheeting/rim joist, then add roxul, then 2×8 Fireblock
C. Leave cavity open, add 2×8 fireblock, then add foam board, roxul after

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