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2016 heat-pump water heater rebates – Opinions on best heaters?

scapista | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

There is a $750 Massachusetts rebate on air source water heaters. There are a lot too choose from. Any opinion on which one would be the best choice for a small 2 bathroom?

Thanks for any input.


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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #2

    The Geospring series is being discontinued at the end of this year, but might be heavily discounted soon, if you want to take the risk. The warranty is still valid, but it's not clear what GE would be offering for a replacement unit if it craps out before 10 years. A 50 gallon version is fine for most 2-3 person families. You'll need an 80 gallon version if you have a big soaking tub (or a resident shower-hog.)

    The well regarded Stiebel Eltron Accelera 220 (58 gallons) and 300 (80 gallons) clearly beat the 2.3 EF and meet the 10 year warranty required to qualify for the MassSave rebate subsidy.

    It's not clear why they are not listed:

    Their US headquarters are in Hatfield MA, even - might give them a call to find out if there is an issue with collecting a MassSave rebate, if you would prefer theirs: 800.582.8423 | 413.247.3380

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