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Air Intake-Exhaust Damper

SouthDakotaRoof | Posted in Mechanicals on

My furnace is located in my basement (96% 2 stage american trane A95V located in zone 6A) it has a sidewall vented intake/exhaust pvc ducting out the rim joist. 3″ maybe 4″ pvc duct. There are no dampers in these lines and they are way over ventilating my basement in my opinion, it has a direct effect on my comfort while im downstairs. Im doing a slow renovation and just keeping the door shut to that room is not what I would call a long term solution. I see there is something called a butterfly damper that is manual, so thats a no go especially for the exhaust line for example. I assume this means my only option is electric operated dampers? Money is tight right now, so im looking to be pointed at a reasonable brand that is safe & correct for this intention. Sorry to post such a basic question but I had such a hard time googling any answers that could even assure me that dampers for this pvc duct existed. Most everything referenced the intake air being ducted to the return plenum whereas mine is ducted to the hvac unit directly so im looking for guidance. And i even read reference to additional bug guard which i assume i dont have either? Please advise thanks for your time

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  1. jwasilko | | #1

    Those PVC pipes go to the heat exchanger in the furnace, which is sealed. I can't imagine how they could be "ventilating your basement" unless you had a cracked heat exchanger that was leaking to the basement.

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